Our Dental Specialists and Laboratories

Highly qualified and accountable to Australian standards

Hobart Dental Specialists

Our Dental Specialists

Some treatments cannot be done completely in-house and we need to refer you to a recommended dental specialist. As we are a long-established practice in Hobart we have very close relationships with a number of specialist in the fields of orthodontics, oral surgery, oral pathology, periodontics, implant surgery and endodontics. Based on your needs we will recommend an appropriate highly qualified specialist who will work hand-in-hand with our dental professionals to provide a complete treatment solution.

Our specialists have been chosen because of their extensive knowledge and expertise in their specialist area and for the high level of customer service they provide. What is also very important to us is that their philosophy regarding dental care is consistent with ours.

Our Dental Laboratories

There are numerous dental laboratories to choose from but we only work with a select few that meet the high standard we expect. Our laboratories work in the areas of crown, bridge and implant ceramics, orthodontics and removable prosthetics. We choose our labs based on the following criteria; high technical standards, high aesthetic work standards, high-quality materials and reliability.

All our labs are based in Australia and we do not out-source to overseas laboratories where we cannot be certain of the quality or the materials used.

hobart dental laboratories