Why Wearing A Sports Mouthguard is Essential if you Play Sport.


Whether you are a child, teen or adult, amateur or professional, wearing a sports mouthguard is essential if you play a high-contact sport, such as hockey, football or soccer. But any sport with a risk of impact to the face or head should require mouthguard use.

A mouthguard is a simple device that covers your teeth and gums and provides protection in case of a fall or collision.

Mouthguard Benefits

There are many benefits to wearing a mouthguard, including the following:

  • Reducing the risk of concussion
  • Preventing dental injuries
  • Preventing injuries to the gums
  • Preventing injuries to the cheek lining
  • Absorbing impact. 

Wearing a mouthguard can also help to reduce the severity of injuries if they do occur.

Why are custom-fitted sports mouthguards the best choice

Not all mouthguards are created equal. While mouthguards can be purchased over-the-counter, custom-fit mouthguards offer the best protection. That’s because they’re made specifically for the individual wearer, which means they fit snugly and comfortably. 

Over-the-counter mouthguards are cheap for a reason. They are mass-produced to fit anyone. They can be uncomfortable to wear as they do not fit your mouth precisely and are more likely to become loose during wear. Many athletes who buy them often stop wearing them, leaving their teeth and jaw open to injury. 

A custom-fitted sports mouthguard made by a dentist has numerous benefits, including:

  • Taking an accurate impression of your teeth to create a precise fit.
  • A custom-fit mouthguard will be more comfortable than a store-bought mouthguard and will not inhibit breathing.
  • Ensuring your mouthguard is the right size and thickness for your needs.
  • If necessary, a dentist can adjust the mouthguard for maximum comfort.
  • Mouthguards can be laminated for increased shock absorption.
  • A custom-fit mouthguard will last longer than a store-bought mouthguard.
  • Your dentist will check your mouthguard at each six monthly check-up to ensure it continues to fit correctly.

Talk to your dentist about a custom-fitted mouthguard if you play a sport or engage in any physical activity that could put your teeth at risk. Avoiding an injury by wearing one is far less costly than fixing the damage from a sports injury to the mouth. For the sportsperson, a custom-fit mouthguard could be the best investment you could make for your oral health.

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