Why a Mouthguard Could Be the Best Investment You Ever Make

Mouthguards save teeth

A mouthguard is an oral appliance that protects your teeth. There are two main kinds of mouthguards you’ll encounter in a dental office. One type protects your teeth from injury during athletic activities. The other protects your teeth if you grind them together at night.

Professional custom-made mouthguards aren’t cheap to make. Even so, investing in one could be the best thing you do for your dental health. Here’s why.

Mouthguards Save Your Teeth

The primary purpose of a mouthguard is to protect your teeth from injury or wear. An excessive force like jaw-clenching or a blow to the mouth can cause permanent and costly damage. Wearing a mouthguard can save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive procedures to repair and replace broken teeth (or recent dental work.)

Athletic Mouthguards Could Save More Than Just Your Teeth

A mouthguard designed for use during physical activity can be a literal lifesaver. Not only does it protect your teeth when you take a hit, but it also cushions the impact to your head.

When the lower jaw slams shut into the upper half of the mouth, this can cause trauma such as jaw fracture, concussion, or even cerebral haemorrhage. A mouthguard is capable of preventing or reducing the impact of the jaw from slamming shut this way, whether it impacts with the ground, athletic equipment or another player.

Do you or your children regularly participate in sports? Whether cricket, rugby, football or karate, an athletic mouthguard should be an essential part of your family’s protective equipment.

Night Guards Can Extend the Life of Your Teeth

Do you grind your teeth at night? Teeth grinding can lead to gum recession and cause headaches. Even worse, by grinding your teeth, you could gradually wear away the enamel until there’s virtually nothing left to protect them.

Worn-down teeth are very sensitive and susceptible to fracture. They won’t last long and may eventually need dental crowns to keep them in one piece.

A tooth grinding habit is also taxing on your jaw. Certain kinds of night guards keep your jaw in a comfortable position or prevent it from closing down too hard.

When you wear a night guard while you sleep, you prevent your teeth from grinding against each other and spare your jaw the unnecessary stress, which would mean a more restful sleep for you and a longer life for your smile.

The Right Mouthguard Can Save You Money!

Investing in the right mouthguard to meet your needs, whether for sports purposes or to stop grinding your teeth at night, can help you keep your teeth healthy for years. Those protected teeth likely won’t need to be capped or replaced any time soon.

It makes sense that investing in a mouthguard as a one time expense is better than paying for multiple crowns or dental implants over the next few years. It’s usually preferable to keep your natural teeth intact for as long as you can, anyway.

Ask a dentist near you about what kind of mouthguard can help you preserve your smile.

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