Root Canal Therapy

Root canal (endodontic) therapy includes a variety of treatments

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root canal treatment in hobart

Root canal therapy (Endodontics) means treatment involving the tissue inside the tooth commonly called the “nerve” or the dental pulp, which is the living part inside each of your teeth. Damage or infection in this tissue is often the source of oral pain and requires careful diagnosis and treatment.

Root canal therapy includes a variety of treatments (usually over a series of visits). These treatments either calm an irritated pulp and allow it to heal; or where the pulp is severely infected and cannot be healed, to remove that tissue from the tooth, clean the pulp canal system and fill the space inside the tooth to minimise the risk of future infection.

Our Hobart clinic has many years of experience with Root Canals. Our practice uses well-researched materials and techniques for these treatments, which have resulted in this being a reliable, predictable and straightforward process with excellent long term results. Occasionally more complex cases need a referral to Hobart’s Specialist Endodontic practice.

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