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Dental hygiene is the name given to regularly maintaining your teeth and gums to prevent dental problems. A dental hygiene appointment aims to discover what is happening in your mouth and what areas are at risk of or are developing problems.

What is a Dental Hygienist or Oral Health Therapist?

Dental Hygienists offer a solid preventive focus and help educate clients about their oral health. Oral Health Therapists offer preventative care and education, plus they can provide diagnostic and restorative dental therapies to children and adults, depending on their scope of practice. At Ian Gurner Dental Care, we have three Oral Health Therapists on our team. 

Their actual duties involve:

  • Providing routine dental treatment for children and adults.
  • Conducting dental examinations, diagnosing, cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth, and filling cavities.
  • Treating gum conditions for all ages.
  • Taking X-rays of teeth and jaws.
  • Taking 3D scans of teeth.
  • Applying sealants and remineralising therapies.
  • Taking impressions.
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Collaborating with a dentist for Invisalign clear aligner treatment.
  • Educating and encouraging clients to maintain good oral health.
  • Bringing complex dental problems to the attention of dentists and specialists.

We consider visits to an Oral Health Therapist essential for everyone’s oral health care.


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