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The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Commonwealth Government has established the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for eligible families to provide up to $1052 in financial support for basic dental services for children.

Learn more and find out if you are eligible.

Let us, team with you, so your child has the best oral health possible

Choosing the right children’s dentist and oral health therapist is important. The early years of a person’s life are the most important and the same applies to their oral health. Our philosophy at Ian Gurner Dental Care is to partner with you so your child can achieve a lifetime of great oral health. It is best to start this when they are very young.

Adult teeth start developing from birth and continue to do so until 16 years of age. How a child grows dictates how they will develop later in life. Dental trauma, infections or inadequate oral care experienced during childhood may affect the developing adult teeth, causing numerous problems.

Education is Key to Children’s Dentistry

Teaming with us to educate your child early on about proper oral care will help them thrive, develop and grow. As children have different needs and expectations regarding oral care, their first dental experience must be memorable for all the right reasons.

At Ian Gurner Dental Care, we are more than qualified to understand and manage your child’s oral health needs and also have close relationships with our highly trained dental specialists, should they be needed.

A Child-Friendly Environment

The exam rooms are full of natural light and are brightly coloured to make them feel less like a surgery. The entire team will welcome your child and you with a smile and do our utmost to make you both feel at ease.


A Kids Guide On How To Explain Oral Health To Your Parents

Our Tooth Terrors webpage is a great way to introduce your kids to the importance of oral hygiene. They will meet the Tooth Terrors Gang and learn how to keep them under control by brushing and flossing their teeth. There are posters to download, a progress chart to track their progress and a certificate for parents to download and give their child.

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