Flu Vaccination Season is Here

Flu Vaccination Season is Here

Last week we posted an image of Dr Gurner getting a flu vaccination from Abbey at Doctors Tasmania on Ian Gurner Dental Care’s Facebook page.  Kelsie, one of our dental assistants shared it on her Facebook page with a message about vaccination.  With her permission we would like to share her post about why vaccination is important to her.

Today I had my flu shot at work, thanks to Dr Ian Gurner!

Have you had your flu shot yet?

I have to admit, it’s only something I have done the last few years. I wasn’t always keen on the idea and my reasons for doing it aren’t for my benefit.

I will share with you the two important reasons why I now make it a priority at the beginning of every flu season.

Firstly, I work in the health care sector. I am a dental nurse. When your family and friends come for a visit to the dentist, the number one priority for us is the health and safety of our patients. On a daily basis we come into contact with a variety of patients, and members of the public.

Shouldn’t their immune system alone protect them against the flu you might ask? One would hope so but does it always? The answer is no. A virus that my immune system may be able to cope with, could potentially kill someone with lowered immunity or complications.

We regularly see patients that are young; babies and children, as well as the elderly. We also see patients that have compromised immunity due to various reasons. By getting the flu shot every year, I am keeping your family and friends safe when they enter my workplace!

This is all beside the fact that as a dental nurse every day on the job I am exposed to potential infectious diseases. Getting the flu vax ensures my safety too.

My second reason and the main reason I get my flu vax every year is simple….my sister, my family and friends.

My sister has Cystic Fibrosis you see, because of this disease she has a lowered immune system, it struggles to fight unlike yours or mine does, which means she is susceptible to getting infections. If I were to contract the flu, and come into contact with her what I will likely get over after a few weeks of being unwell, could potentially be fatal for her. Yup! The flu could potentially kill my sister. Is it worth the risk? Nope!

Many of my friends are beginning to start families, and are having children. Are yours? I know as soon as that bun is out of the oven I’m always super excited to visit and meet the new bub. But just like my sister who has a lowered immunity and is susceptible to infections, so is this new baby. We are coming into contact with a new little human who hasn’t had the chance to build up their immune system yet, they also aren’t old enough themselves to have their vaccinations yet.

There are also some out there who have severe egg allergies, or who have legitimate conditions that prevents them from getting vaccinated. By getting your flu vax, you are helping keep those people safe too! (How good is that right?)

So think about this next time you serve a stranger at the checkout, go and visit your grandma, or cuddle your friend’s new baby. It’s all about community immunity.

It’s not just about you, it’s about the people around you too.

So well said Kelsie.  For more information on vaccination visit the Immunise Australia Program.

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