Does Your Child Really Need to Visit the Dentist?

Does Your Child Really Need to Visit the Dentist

You may have several reasons for not bringing your child to the dentist. But there are still a few very important ones why your child should have regularly scheduled dental visits.

Establish a Healthy Foundation for Your Child with Early Dental Care

Your child should learn early on that going to the dentist is not a bad thing. If you wait only until they have a problem to introduce them to your family’s dentist, then they’ll be more likely to associate dental treatment with pain and fear.

The sooner you get your child used to the routine of visiting the dentist, the more cooperative they’ll be. They’ll also have a positive attitude towards their dental health and be brave and calm during dental procedures. You’ll find that dental appointments don’t have to be stressful occasions.
The dentist, yourself, your child–everyone benefits when you start bringing your child in for routine dental care as soon as possible!

Detect and Prevent Dental Problems Before They Even Start

Will your child need braces? What is their cavity risk like? Are there any problems with tooth development?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at your child’s dental appointment. The dentist will use x-rays and other techniques to screen for cavities and other potential problems that can be intercepted or reversed.

Early intervention can head off the problems while they’re still small before they turn into more painful, complex and expensive ones to correct. Preventative care may limit the need for treatment altogether.

Regular Dental Visits Teach Your Children Good Dental Habits

The early visits and subsequent dental checkups to come are opportunities for your child to learn healthy dental hygiene habits. They’ll be taught easy brushing and flossing techniques that meet their current needs.

Dental professionals will use child-friendly language to explain the importance of caring for your child’s dental health. You the parent will learn about important topics like:

  • Caring for your child’s teeth at home
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride
  • Your child’s tooth eruption schedule
  • When to start orthodontic treatment
  • Dental products that are safe for your child
  • Proper flossing techniques and oral health product selections

Your child’s dental appointments are crucial learning experiences for the whole family!

Dental Care Is Essential to Your Child’s Overall Health

Oral health is directly connected to overall health. This is true of everyone but especially important for children.

If your child is in pain, they can’t eat a healthy diet, won’t perform well in school and may lose sleep. He or she may even suffer from social anxiety. Oral infections can also lead to infections elsewhere in the body.

Even those little baby teeth matter! They are all your child has until his or her adult ones come in. If they fall out too soon, the new teeth may come in crooked. Not to mention, cavities in baby teeth quickly move to infect the incoming new teeth.

Having healthy teeth and gums is critical to your child’s well-being for the future of their smile. Only a dentist can verify that your child’s mouth is problem-free and then help your child maintain optimal oral health.

Dental care is an urgent matter for kids. So, don’t wait any longer. Call today to schedule a dental checkup for each member of your family!