16 Things You Never Want to Hear Your Dentist Say

Things You Never Want To Hear Your Dentist Say
  1. “Don’t worry. I watched the YouTube video on this.”
  2. “Uh oh.”
  3. “This is going to hurt.”
  4. “I’m having a bad day.”
  5. “I think I remember doing this procedure one time.”
  6. “I left my glasses at home.”
  7. “Our steriliser is broken.”
  8. “Did you know the electric chair was invented by a dentist?”
  9. “Not bad for someone who never graduated.”
  10. “I can’t find my gloves. I had them on when I was in your mouth.”
  11. “I just need to google this procedure.”
  12. “Sorry I forgot to wash my hands again.”
  13. “Oooh…I hope your private dental insurance is current.”
  14. “Wow, you certainly made the tooth fairy rich.”
  15. “Can you put your finger in there and apply pressure to stop the bleeding.”
  16. “Ooops!”

Let Us Change the Way You View Visiting a Dentist in Hobart

No, you will not hear any of the above at an appointment with one of our dentists or hygienists.

Ian Gurner Dental Care is an exceptional dental practice providing the highest standards of personal and technical care to all our clients. Our dental professionals do this through a gentle and compassionate approach to dental care. They believe by educating our clients as to the options available they will have the freedom to make an informed decision about the treatment they choose.

At Ian Gurner Dental Care we specialise in implants, cosmetics, emergencies and all areas of general dentistry for adults, teens and children.

If are looking for high quality and affordable dental option please call us on (03) 6231 3645 to request an appointment.